Fit for a King!

This week we prepared for the upcoming historic Coronation of King Charles III. In Willow Class we made bunting and enjoyed decorating our classroom for our celebrations on Friday.

We watched footage of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation to see just how different, or similar King Charles’s ceremony will be this weekend. Dressed in red, white and blue, we made Coronation wreaths to mark this occasion.

King Charles made a special visit to Willow Class on Friday to wish us all good luck with our SATs tests next week! He was most impressed with our learning and even made time to have a photograph with us!

Our ‘Street Party’ style lunch was lots of fun. Thank you to our lovely kitchen staff for making delicious sandwiches. We especially loved the jelly and Coronation cakes – delicious!

In other news this week…

In maths, we have been calculating angles in different types of triangles including isosceles triangles. We have been solving angle related problems and we had a go at writing some problems for our learning partners to solve.

Our Green Team representatives read us a beautiful story called ‘Seeds of Change’. It is a biography of scientist Wangari Maathai, the first African woman – and first environmentalist – to win a Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for planting trees in her native Kenya. Our Green Team then explained how each class in our school would be planting sunflower seeds. We hope to grow the tallest sunflowers. Let’s hope we are as green fingered as we say we are! Watch this space for news of our progress.

In PE, we perfected our rally technique in tennis. Great use of the court and super watching of the ball, Year 6!

May the 4th be with you! Forest School took on a Star Wars theme this week as we went in search of cyber crystals to make lightsabers. We even had a model of baby Yoda! We never waste an opportunity to show our entrepreneurial side as some of us opened up a shop selling crystals.

We are very proud of our new displays in our classroom. Our Victorian stye silhouettes look fabulous! There is a famous Victorian writer hidden amongst us. Can you spot him?

And we are thrilled with how our whole class painting of Queen Victoria turned out! However, Queen Victoria was heard to utter the words, “We are not amused!” as she viewed our efforts. We think she must have been referring to something else!

How ever you choose to spend this Coronation weekend, have a lovely time and enjoy the extra day!