Fit for a queen!

This week we have been wrapping up our Pirate and Explorers topic as well as getting ready for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The children designed a boat for the Queen after watching a few short clips of her traveling down the Thames. They sketched their designs and labelled the different parts before setting off to make them. We were really impressed with their ideas and use of materials.

They also had a go at designing a raft using sticks found out in the forest garden. This helped the children better understand floating and sinking and allowed them to conclude that wood does in fact float. They had to design their rafts and work as a team to create their raft.  Working as a team was tricky but they managed to come together and create some fabulous structures.

In order to help get the school and classroom ready for our Jubilee celebrations on Friday, the children have been making paper chains and bunting. They have continued adding to the chains over the course of the week and will certainly have the school bursting with blue, white and red!

In PE this week, the children worked on their motor skills in the form of catching and throwing. Some of the children are able to bounce two balls at the same time and successfully catch them. We may have to teach them how to juggle next!

The Year 2 children have all completed their SATs this week. We are so very proud of them for their hard work, positive attitudes and willingness to give each question a go. They have truly earnt a well-deserved rest this holiday! Please congratulate on a job well done and let them know how proud their teachers and school are of them.

We hope you all have a lovely week off. We look forward to seeing some well-rested faces back in class on Tuesday 7th June.