Fond farewells

We can’t believe the day has arrived when we have to say our goodbyes to Mrs Askew. We are going to miss our fabulous Teaching Assistant so very much.  Mrs Askew has brought such fun to our classroom and some days we have laughed until it hurt. We have been inspired by her positive ‘can do’ attitude. In true Willow Class style, we said our goodbyes to Mrs Askew. There was a great art installation of her initials using sticks and some. of us performed some sketches in the forest . The first depicted Mrs Askew in full flow in the classroom, mainly asking children to stop swinging on their chairs and the second was a look into the future, as Officer Askew chased down a perpetrator from her police car! We even sang a song inspired by our time with Mrs Askew.  We changed the words to Flowers by Miley Cyrus and made it all about Mrs A! We are very grateful for all you have done for us. We wish you much success in your future career, Mrs Askew – we detect a fine police officer in the making! We know you will shine!

In English this week, we researched Iceland as a holiday destination. We are preparing to write a persuasive travel brochure and have been collecting information about the distinct features of Iceland that make it a perfect holiday for all.

In Maths, we have been learning how to multiply and divide decimals by integers. We have used bar models to help us understand word problems related to division and used decimals in real life contexts.

Science was rather messy yet sweet this week as we consolidated our learning about blood and its components. We used orange squash to represent the plasma – the only liquid part of blood –  and cereals and mini marshmallows to represent the red and white blood cells. This activity helped to reinforce our previous learning. It was then time to think about our heart rat and how we measure it. We used marshmallows on our wrists to see our pulse and help us to count the beats per minute. After consuming the marshmallows(!) we then investigated the affect exercise has on our heart rate. we plotted our results in a line graph.

In Music, we explored different rhythms and notation. Inspired by Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’ we created musical motifs  and enjoyed performing them to the class.

Have a lovely weekend.