Food, glorious food!

It has been lovely to see the children back at school after half term; they’ve certainly been busy in their first week back! One very exciting change that has taken place over the half term, is the addition of a water wall in our garden. This has been very popular this week, where the children have been experimenting with pouring, filling, syringing, weighing and much more. An adaptation we have made already (thanks to the wonderfully busy brains of Ash and Saplings class) is to add two extra trays to collect the water, as the children were keen to save and reuse the water “so we don’t use all the water in the tap”. What an inspiring mindset!

This week has also seen the start of our new topic all about food, and our focus story ‘I Will Not Ever, Never, Eat a Tomato’ by Lauren Child. This story sparked up so many discussions about food that the children liked and didn’t like, about how we have different kinds of foods at home, and even how “you have to try a food lots of times before you know if you like it”! The writing and drawings that the children have been busy working on have really blown the teachers away. It is so clear that Ash class are developing their blending and segmenting knowledge in phonics, alongside learning more sounds (including h, b, f/ff, l/ll this week). Saplings are also motivated by one another to give meaning to their marks and hear different sounds in words. We really have jumped into our new topic with such great enthusiasm, and our new classroom display reflects this.

We have also been rather keen to check on our growing plants! We were excited to see that our radishes were ready to be harvested, and wasted no time getting stuck in, pulling them and rinsing them ready for snack time!

Elsewhere in the unit, the children have been working together tremendously during their choosing time. The classroom has become a bit of an obstacle course where the children have been enjoying building a narrative about a very long train journey! Outside, some children have chosen to revisit prior learning and explore body parts by drawing around one another, and we have also really enjoyed singing in our outdoor maths circle, ‘Once I Caught a Fish Alive’!