Forest Elf and Safety…


Lime are still getting totally in the Christmas Spirit! Santa went around with some reindeer making Christmas dreams come true. They sat on their sleigh and he cheered on the reindeer’s names he could remember.  Some tree-climbing lessons were taking place by some very patient teachers and a grappling hook got stuck in a tree which also took a lot of patience and time to retrieve. The session finished with an impromptu carol service and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was sung with gusto!



We had been speaking about the safety of some of the branches for the last few weeks and today Willow turned into professional ‘Risk Assessors’. They went around in pairs, with a clipboard and form to fill out, noting any hazards they saw. They wrote down ways to lessen the likelihood of an accident and also actions to try and make sure that risks were at a minimum. Some then started to play a game of hide and seek, and before too long the whole class were playing, they took it very seriously!



The morning frost had got the little ones shivering and apparently the forest was very cold too. There was a note found in the fire circle, asking if someone could warm the forest up. After a brief discussion, Ash and Saplings decided that the best way to spread warmth was to keep moving around the forest. After a game of 1, 2, 3 Where are you, they got busy carrying logs and making a den. They also found the Christmas decorations from last week and began hiding them and finding them.



Maple also really enjoyed the Christmas decorations and a Strictly Come Dancing game started, using the shiny objects as marks out of 10. After a few dance battles and solo performances, the competition opened up and some wonderful singers were allowed to enter. Elsewhere, a mini golf course was made using logs to keep the ball in play, it had a ramp and everything. People gathered to watch the inaugural shot…and it was a hole in one! The crowd went wild and spent the rest of the session trying to match the impossible feat.