Forest Fair!


Lime had heard tales of the infamous leaf piles made by other classes in the forest and wanted in on the action! They worked as a brilliant team to add shovels, buckets and handfuls of leaves to the collection, hellbent on making the biggest pile in the school. Once they were satisfied with their hill, they began to jump in unison up and down squealing with joy like some sort of forest mosh pit! Elsewhere, 2 monkey games were being played with some more howling and a electronic shop opened but everything was far too expensive…



Willow weren’t to be outdone, they made sure that their pile was the biggest and then took turns jumping in. After a while, they decided it was an acrobatics competition and jumped in in the most imaginative ways possible. They then took turns burying some very brave volunteers but it was quite messy! A group transformed the digging zone into the trenches, piled up logs and dug very deep. There was also one brief pause in the action, when the forest was visited by a pigeon, who waddled through and then on to the field!



The frost had fallen this morning which had frozen all of the water in the playground! After an investigation into how much water had frozen, they found the stumps were covered in furry ice too. They drew how old they were in the ice and then had a very energetic game of 1, 2, 3, Where are you. The leaf pile was very popular, with children jumping in and adding leaves throughout the session. There were a few Father Christmas’ who sat on a sleigh and ordered some Reindeer to run (which was great for keeping feet warm!)



The weather had managed to warm up slightly by the time Beech were out, so hands and feet were less chilly. They were pleased that the leaf pile was still going and after adding lots to it, they began to use it as a trampoline. As time went on they formed a queue and took turns jumping in and a few brave people were buried too! A couple of old men (complete with walking sticks and hunched backs!) were wondering round the forest too and there was also the discovery of a dead pigeon!



Excitement about the Christmas Fair had well and truly reached fever pitch levels by the time Maple hit the forest. All around the forest you could see bits of the fair being brought to life, Santa was in his grotto with Elves being sent around the forest to drum up business (although it seemed like he was telling an awful lot of them that they’d been bad…!) One group were making some magic mud that they were selling at the Fair and were also selling mud tattoos with multiple designs to choose from.