Forget that drop in temperature… nothing stops us!

Dear all,

As you know we have welcomed back children from Year 1, Year 6 and some key worker children this week and despite school looking very different they have been very brave in the way they have approached the new way of operating. We always say children are resilient and these last few days they have shown us how true this is!

You’ll be pleased to know that we are finding time between cleaning and handwashing to continue to deliver our remote learning, and we even managed to fit in some excellent social distanced sports- that was a fun task which ended with lots of red and sweaty faces!

Thank you again to all of those who are sending in work and lots of kind and very supportive messages at this difficult time, it is appreciated by all of the staff and we love to see what you are doing at home. It definitely makes the daily guidance trawl and constant reading of new updates from various sources go quicker when you can see what the children have been doing (and, in all honesty, it is far more interesting and beneficial to our mental health!).

Keep going everyone – we’ve come this far and I’m confident that the Little Hadham spirit will carry us all through this next half term!

Keep safe,

Sinead Connolly