From ‘Battle of the Beaks’ to ‘Escape Room’ challenges…we love to learn!

Welcome back! We can’t believe we are now in our final half term of primary school. With not a moment to lose, we got busy straight away this week learning about translating and reflecting shapes in all four quadrants. We solved problems and then wrote our own problems using negative numbers and both the x- axis and y-axis.

On Thursday this week, we welcomed our parents into school to learn with us as we hosted our final Learning Together Morning of the school year. We were set an ‘Escape Room’ style challenge comprising maths and grammar puzzles. Only those cracking the code and ‘unlocking’ the rooms would be able to leave primary school. There was much team work and pooling of knowledge to solve the riddles and puzzles. Great fun and, as always, we loved sharing our learning! Thank you and well done to all parents for entering into the spirit of the challenge.

In RE, we have been learning about how and where Buddhists worship. We looked at different Buddhist temples and shrines and the significance of the items found there. We made comparisons and links with other religions about places of worship.

In our Science lessons and as part of our study of the Victorians, we have been finding out about the life and work of Charles Darwin. Darwin is known for his ground-breaking work on evolution. We learnt that whilst on the Galapagos Islands, Charles Darwin observed that there were different types of finch (distinguished by their beak shape) living on each of the islands.

When Darwin investigated further, he discovered that each of the islands also had different sorts of plants growing on them. We held our own ‘Battle of the Beaks’ to investigate which type of beak would be best for different types of food. Using our findings, we researched which plants grow on which island and then decided which finch would live on which of the Galapagos Islands.

We also learnt about how fossils are formed and created beautiful posters and fact files about fossils.


Now that the warmer weather has arrived, please remember to bring your water bottle and hat with you to school.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend. Remember to stay hydrated.