From dragons to diggers!

We certainly have been busy bees this week in Early Years! In maths, we have been enjoying exploring weight through comparisons, learning how to use and interpret the scales! Through copious amounts of experimenting, we discovered that the lightest item in our classroom was a feather, and the heaviest (that would fit in the scales!) was a rock. We also found that big things could be lighter than smaller things, like a roll of bubble wrap compared to a metal magnet.

In Literacy, we been using our imaginations to create our own dragon paintings, inspired by our story “The Magic Paintbrush”. We labelled our dragons afterwards using our phonic knowledge. This week, Ash class have been working on using their special friends in their writing (we have focused on revisiting oo – as in book – ar ur this week), and Saplings have been focusing on hearing the sounds g o c. The children were so incredibly proud of their dragons, and rightly so! They are now flying above our heads in the classroom, displayed for all to see.

Following on from our learning about Chinese New Year, the children were keen to explore the map further. Once they had located China on the map in relation to England, they continued to explore. They found and labelled places that their families were from, or where they used to live, like Hong Kong and South Africa, and they also found and labelled places they had visited, like Switzerland and Australia!

Perhaps one of the most exciting things that has been happening this week, is the work in the EYFS garden! The workers came on Wednesday morning and have been busy ever since, working hard to create our brand new track. Perhaps owing to our learning in PSED about ‘keeping safe’ the children were concerned about our workers and made signs to ensure that they kept safe whilst working. They have also been asking lots of really thoughtful questions about the process, the tools being used and the machinery.

It has been really lovely to see how they children are beginning to get more from interactions with one another during their own choosing time too. We have had collaborative making and building projects, shared experiences in sticky mud (with some helpful friends when our welly boots got stuck!) and even a beauty salon!