From motivating speeches to exploring angles – another busy week in Willow!

Incentive, inspiration and enthusiasm filled Willow Class this week as our motivational speeches were polished and published.

With the euphoria of our country’s football success so far, filling the air, it almost feels as though Gareth Southgate has been in class with us!  Motivation, desire and commitment shone through in the text writing. Here are just a few snippets from the children’s writing.

‘There are two types of people out on the pitch…the ones who become history and the ones who make it!  Come on England!’

‘To become legends, you must work together as one : United. Strong. Driven. Conquer fear, don’t let it drag you down. Strive together. BELIEVE!’

‘Even if fate itself is against you, make impossible possible.’

‘ I played for my team, my country, my family and my friends and so should YOU!’

What powerful and motivational language used. Well done, Year 6!

In Maths, we continued our study of the internal angles of triangles and quadrilaterals.

Forest Fun and PE were enjoyed in Friday’s sunshine.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the football – let’s hope the England team has been listening to our motivational speeches!