From prime numbers to primary colours…

Is it really the end of September already? Time flies when you’re learning in Willow Class (and having fun!).

We held our first Learning Together morning this week. It was wonderful to welcome our parents into Willow Class to learn with us. We certainly gave our brains a workout as we worked together to solve some challenging place value puzzles. Thank you for supporting us, parents! We love learning together.

Is it too early to mention Christmas? We don’t think so. This week in Art, we designed a Christmas card. We learnt about primary and secondary colours and how to make tints and shades of a colour. After some colour mixing and experimenting with shade and light, we studied the shape of holly leaves and produced some gorgeous Christmas card designs. We are sure you will be excited to place an order for professionally printed copies of our designs. Not long to wait!

What is the difference between a prime number and a composite number? We can tell you! In maths, we have been finding prime numbers up to 100 and solving problems using primes. Later in the week, we learnt how to find the prime factors of numbers and express these in their simplest form. We enjoyed this learning very much. Who knew prime factors could be so satisfying!

If you add different components to an electrical circuit, what happens to the flow of electricity and how do you know? This is what we were busy investigating in Science. We added different components to our electrical circuits and observed what happened to the brightness of a lamp. We noted that the lamp was brighter the more cells were added. If we kept the number of cells the same, and added more lamps the light grew dim.

Then we explored different materials to see which were conductors of electricity and which were insulators. We learnt why insulators are important.

Our whole class text, Coraline, provided the basis for some interesting discussions this week. We have been making predictions about what the main character might do next and we have discussed the actions and changing appearance and character of the ‘Other Mother’ in the story – a most peculiar and sinister figure but perfect for developing our vocabulary and oracy skills!

Have a lovely weekend!