From Rags to Riches…

Little Hadham Primary School is thrilled to lead and participate in the ‘Cinderella then and now – Discovering values’, a two-year project in the framework of ERASMUS+ Programme, Key Action 229: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices. Our partner schools are five primary schools from Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland and Croatia. Our project was inspired by our curriculum objectives and will focus on the following areas: Immigration and inclusion; British values; Keeping Safe and Feeling Happy; eSafety; Antibullying; Climate change and Sustainable Goals 2030.

Children at Little Hadham have taken this story as a starting point and have already explored its values and morals through the storyline and the book’s inspiring quotes; our new display at the entrance of our school, which is created by Mrs Ogden and the pupils from three classes, reminds us of our values: friendship, kindness, fairness, courage, self-belief, hard work and perseverance.

Pupils at Little Hadham Primary so far had the opportunity to learn about immigration and created a display with the flags of our partner countries as well as the immigrant families in our school. They also discussed different types of families. Finally, one class had their first two online meetings with two partner schools, after persevering with many technical difficulties! We definitely know what ‘persevering’ looks like! In the end though, they managed to meet with three classes from the Greek and the Italian schools. They sang to them in English and in Greek and they answered their questions! The Italian children sang to them in Italian and in English and read a poem to them in both languages! Our children were fascinated by the level of English of the Italian and the Greek children, they thought that their accent sounded American and they could discuss similarities and differences between them e.g. masks in classes, non-uniform schools.

More online meetings will be planned throughout the year for all classes! We are looking forward to meeting more  pupils from our partner schools!

This is our blog, hope you like our work and our partners’ schools work!