Frosty Frenzy!


This week was an absolute bonanza on! Among the best themes of this week were ‘Popcorn Day’, ‘Brew a Potion Day’ and ‘Squirrel Day’. The Popcorn and Potion Days really captured the imagination of the Lime children and some even joined ideas to make a ‘Perfect Penguin Popcorn Potion’ (they pretended to be Penguins while making!). Some turned into Squirrels for the session running around in search of acorns! There were some much needed games of Eagle Eye too, which definitely warmed everyone up.



Willow were most excited about ‘DJ Day’ and went in search of worms to become DJs for the session. The group that started finding the worms then split in half, with some making sure the worms were happy in pots of fresh mud and others tried to re-build the collapsed tunnel from the previous weeks. There was a lot of commotion towards the end of the session, as one brave Willow class member plucked up the courage to hold a worm for the first ever time! Everyone was very supportive.



The ground was frozen solid this morning. The little ones were watching their icy breath coming out of their mouths and knew that they needed to play some 1, 2, 3 Where are You? to warm up! After a couple of games, most of the group split off and got busy while some others carried on playing. A mysterious tunnel had appeared in the digging zone and a discussion was had about what could have made it. They thought it could be a tunnel snake, but then they remembered that they had been extinct for a few years…



Beech class love ice! They were obsessed with finding a piece no matter how small it was and really enjoyed smashing them apart. A group were disappointed to realise that the ground was too hard to dig into but did find the Christmas tree that had been replanted in the digging zone. They worked furiously to get it out and once it was free, they walked it around the forest to show off. They made to sure be careful, as it was very delicate. The trees were climbed a lot and some decided to lay back on branches in the sun.



Maple couldn’t believe their luck that the ground had stayed frozen and not muddy, which meant they didn’t need any waterproofs! They were concerned that no water was coming out of the water butt and discovered that the water inside had frozen. With some adult help, they scooped some shards of ice out and used it for stone cleaning. There were lots of Museums celebrating Museum Day. Some had pine cones in, while others showed off fancy rocks. They also reburied the Christmas Tree, which came with some very unseasonal singing!