Future salaries, fruit machines and plenty of fun!

In maths this week, we learnt about the gross salary, take-home pay and tax. We used the four operations to help calculate monthly salaries before and after tax deductions. We enjoyed applying our maths learning to the real world and had some interesting discussions about our future career options.

What is first aid? What does it mean? Whose responsibility is it to give first aid and should people always get the help they need in a first aid emergency? These are just some of the questions we discussed during our PSHE lesson this week. We held a ‘walking debate’ and used our awesome oracy skills to discuss our thoughts. We learnt a lot from listening to each other.

In English, we enjoyed writing our stories about ‘Road’s End’, full of suspense and tension. We created atmosphere with our careful vocabulary choices and by using the ‘show, don’t tell’ technique. We effectively included some dialogue in our stories to help move the action along. All these things made for some great writing!

Anyone for ‘Four Corner Football’? It was fast, it was furious and it was skillful. Some awesome shots were played and we are continuing to develop our technique whilst having so much fun and keeping fit!

During our Forest session, we decided to spread the love for National Hug Day – others were less keen! There was also time for a spot of fishing. Some say time spent fishing is time well spent and judging by the smiles this is certainly the case!

Preparations are well under way for our Leavers’ performance. As well as learning our lines, we are perfecting our ‘stage left’ and our ‘stage right’. Watch this space…

And so to the Summer Fete! Anyone fancy a spin on our fabulous fruit machine? We had so much fun designing and creating this. It really was a team effort – go, Year 6! We hope you all enjoy a spin!

Have a lovely weekend!