George and the Forest Dragon…


Lime enjoyed the freedom of just wellies again this morning! To celebrate St George’s day, we retold the myth around the fire circle. Everyone took a piece of paper and one student was chosen to be fed to the dragon. Luckily a brave knight swooped in to save the day! Once up and moving lots of children were re-enacting the story with knights and dragons flying around the forest. Lots of children wanted to peel sticks and of course, a Chick-fil-A was also opened which had coffee and all kinds of spicy sauces with meals…



Willow were also treated to a retelling of George and the Dragon, in which they thoroughly enjoyed one of their classmates being sacrificed to the dragon! Once in the forest a few knight swords were brandished but they mainly got to work on their pulley system from the previous week. They upgraded it to have a log to hold onto from the pulling side but then realised they needed another piece of rope to stop the pulley turning into a catapult! The knives were also out again and some peaceful whittling took place.



The little ones were transfixed on the story and waited very patiently before opening their pieces of paper and finding the one with the red cross on. They then charged off in search of any signs of dragons and found bones and fire patches all over the forest! They used sticks as swords and thrust them at various trees that looked slightly ‘dragony’ and made sure that the forest was protected. The Paw Patrol team were also there keeping everyone away from danger and the Grinch paid a very unseasonal visit to some children’s den!



Beech were very worried for the Princess in the story and were very pleased when the Knight came by to save her. They then used sticks as swords and fought each other in slow motion. The slow motion kept them safe but also made sure they didn’t lose any dramatic flair… They also found some small plants that looked like caterpillars and decorated a tree with them. The newly cut trees were climbed very sensibly, with some great turn taking and the swing was also shared brilliantly too.



For the final time, the story of the Dragon was told and various children played various roles and had a great time. Then they got busy doing lots of things! The metal detector crew had discovered some beeping at the end of the last session and went right back to uncovering. After a while digging they finally got it and had found a heavy metal Fleur-de-lis shape, that they thought might have been from the roof of a house 100 years ago! Elsewhere, a McDonalds was opened, a throwing ball game was created and an incredible shelter was built!