Getting to know you!

It has been lovely getting to know the new Year 6 children this week. There have been many opportunities for us to work together and learn from each other this week. In our Forest session, we played games with partners and as a whole class.

These games helped us to build good relationships, and in PSHE we explored the words ‘negotiate’ and ‘compromise’ as we worked effectively in teams to complete a building challenge.

In English, we have been analysing the features of persuasive speeches and we have used this work to help us write our own speeches for this year’s School Captain elections. We have learnt about each other’s strengths and interests whilst finding out the best way to engage an audience of potential voters!

It was time for a bit of relaxation in our Yoga session as we reminded ourselves of the Sun Sequence and then learnt some new positions including flower, dog and sitting stick.

In Computing, we discussed online safety and some of the dangers when using social media platforms.

A new chapter for Willow Class…this week we began reading our class text for this term, Holes by Louis Sachar. We enjoyed discussing the main character and how the other boys at Camp Green Lake are introduced to the reader.

What bright sparks! In Science, we explored static electricity using balloons. It was lots of fun from hair-raising moments to balloons stuck to walls and jumping pieces of paper! We learnt about positive and negative charges and charges becoming unbalanced. We also applied what we had learnt to thinking about lightning strikes and the particles in clouds being disrupted and becoming unbalanced.


A successful first full week in Year 6! Well done, Team Willow! Enjoy your weekend.