Golden Morning @ Little Hadham Primary


Golden Morning is enrichment time, with a wealth of opportunity to practice, to enjoy or to learn something new.  Enrichment activities help our children here develop a love for learning in their own time, expand their mind and gain skills that will help them in the future. Learning outside the classroom also gives our children the opportunity to experiment which helps to build confidence as they learn new skills and immerse themselves in new experiences.

Each term we try to offer new and exciting activities for the children to participate in. Today the children had the choice of sport, cooking, coding, computer science, arts and crafts, origami, cheerleading and even had a go at being a Scientist.

The school was buzzing with excitement. In one class the children carried out an ‘owl pellet dissection investigation’. They used a bone chart to identify the bones they had found in the pellet and were able to identify rodents and shrews. Thank you Jono, for sharing your expertise. Also, it’s great to hear that Riley and Peter are scientists in the making!

Others were busy taking a computer a part and learning all their functions before putting it back together. Thank you to Sam our computer whizz for giving us your time- much appreciated and the children loved it! Also, well done Violet, I hear you may be taking over his job!

The cheerleaders learned some new moves and a routine in under 90 mins- well done and thank you Mrs Harvey! The aroma of baking scones was drifting through the school and I heard a child a saying isn’t that smell just beautiful- I agree, though they didn’t want to share! Thank you to Mrs Forgham- patience and delicious recipes- what a talent!

What can I say, Little Hadham Primary is a culturally and artistically rich environment for our children to  learn within, where our staff teach to the whole child (head, heart, and hands). This could definitely be seen today with the variety of arts and crafts on offer. We do pride ourselves on offering a wide range of creative opportunities that go beyond the National Curriculum and are so thankful for such creative staff to allow these activities to take place.