Golden Morning Returns!


A happy child is a productive child!

The return of Golden Morning was a huge success. Thank you to Mrs Tweedale and Mrs Askew for organising  and to all our volunteers for helping out.  Whether it’s creating paper plane launchers that is getting our children’s hearts racing, or honing their culinary skills with some cooking, or getting finger happy with clay, our children absolutely loved the wonderful range of enrichment activities at golden morning. These pictures clearly tell the story. Here are a few soundbites from the children…

This was the best day ever, it was like waiting for Christmas Day!

We had so much fun, I had never tasted feta cheese before!

I never really cook at home and I really loved doing it!

It certainly was a lovely way to end our busy half term. Our school community really benefits from these extra experiences and the children really loved working with children from other classes! It’s a great way to learn another skill. So if anyone would like to help out at the next one at the end of term,-you will be accompanied, we won’t leave you on your own- please email the office with your details .

Enjoy your half term!

Ms Connolly