Gone fishin’



Lime class were tasked with creating some mini businesses this week and they rose to the challenge! The main attraction was a mini golf course business. A group built a course with multiple challenges and then people queued to have a go. The most impressive score was 3 shots! Elsewhere, in the digging zone, an archaeologist business began. They would dig up exciting stones and then pass them on to a museum business. There was also a lazer wire built that would trap any intruders but it didn’t look like that was a business.



As Willow were getting changed, a lot of talk was being had of a brand new game. It turned out that game was called…’Seek and Hide’! They took turns counting and even if there were some ‘I’ll pay you £5 not to find me’ moments, they played together very well. The search for the pipe in the digging zone was back on and they just managed to find the top of it, as the session was finishing. There was also an incredible shelter made on the ground and a huge arm wresting championship too!



The trees were too wet to climb and the digging zone was out of bounds, due to the fact it had turned into a swimming pool/bog but that didn’t stop the little ones having fun! After a slippery game of 1, 2, 3 Where are you? they discovered a mysterious hole in the ground and began to discuss what could have made it. There was talk of rabbits, moles and giants worms! They decided to build a stick fence around the hole to keep whatever creatures were in there safe. They also played a little mini golf too and made Santa’s Grotto!



Beech were very impressed by the digging zone and they decided it would make a brilliant pond. A huge amount of them were searching for string and the perfect stick to make fishing rods! They cast their lines and wailed as they tried to retrieve sticks…and not slip over! Elsewhere, a mud cake was made which was probably the muckiest job in the world, they managed to cover the whole stump, as well as themselves! They were also intrigued by the hole in the ground and built the fence up and discussed the rat that could live in there…



The rain was lashing down and Maple were quite subdued as they put their waterproofs on, trudging into the forest. However, they soon perked up and began to have a lot of fun splishing and squelching! A small duplo figure had made its way over the fence and was immediately heralded the hero of Maple. They sat him in the ground and buried to trees in tribute to him. A fortune telling business was set up and for the price of one stick, they would tell you anything you wanted, while a stick was spun around to grab the information from the spirits!