Goodbye Mrs A!


Lime are really into their books at the minute, so they were challenged to come up with their own scenes or charades to act out in the forest. It was great fun watching them try to guess and act out Madagascar! Some decided to make their own ‘forest books’ by decorating sticks with different elements from a story. A big group decided to make their own nest/den and built a great wall. They boasted that no one could jump over it. They also found a ladybug but were very sad when it went back to its normal life.



It was time for Mrs Askew to say goodbye, so Willow put on a performance to show how grateful they are for her work. There was a great art instillation of her initials using sticks. 2 other groups decided to make up their own scenes. The first depicted Mrs Askew in full flow in the classroom, mainly asking people to stop swinging on their chairs and the second was a look into the future, as she chased down a bad guy from her police car! They then changed the words to Flowers by Miley Cyrus and made it all about Mrs A!



It was hard to keep track of all the activity this morning! There were a lot of games of hide and seek which seems to have become a staple for the little ones each week. They’re finding more imaginative places to hide but need a little work on not giggling once they’ve hidden! They were amazed at how tall the fort was now but there wasn’t a door for them to squeeze through. So they worked to move a few sticks until it was the perfect size for them and then spent the time hopping in and out of it.



The Boggle had left a note! They decided he needed a little help with his spellings and could benefit from a few phonics lessons but he’d asked for his Boggle Eggs back. Beech class spent their session searching high and low to find them and bring them to the shed. It was also tortilla day (apparently!) so they found the biggest bucket they could and began creating some forest nachos! Leaves, sticks and ‘sauce’ were smashed on the floor and then filled the bucket and they shared them out together.



Maple were also very excited that it was tortilla day and they really got into the swing of creating their own Nacho shops. There was one shop selling chocolate nachos using very squishy mud and another team who spent a long time furiously crushing up pieces of bark. Both shops then began a bidding war announcing ‘50% percent off’ until the nachos were free! Elsewhere the Matilda theme was still going strong, as a terrifying chokey was made. Also a double swing made its way up into the tree and is going to become very popular.