Goooooo Fetch!



Lime were impressed to learn that it was chocolate Brownie day and made a host of shops selling squishy mud in many forms. There was also a lottery ticket shop which had people winning left right and centre, walking away with armfuls of leaves. The leaf pile was very popular once more, although it was mostly a frozen heap on the floor. A pulley system was made to keep the rope swing safe when it wasn’t being used and a full on Christmas Grotto was doing a roaring trade.



Willow are really enjoying making trenches each week at the moment and this week they really took it up a notch. They added logs and sticks around the digging zone to help defend themselves and went out on dangerous expeditionary missions after saluting the rest of their crew. Someone realised that they pulley system made by Lime class was the perfect sling shot and began to fling sticks (safely at an empty space!) around. They soon realised that bamboo worked best and it was very impressive…until the rope snapped!



A game of Go Fetch took place, which had the little ones scrambling around the forest to find; Sticks, stones, something rough, something not natural and something magical. They had a really good go and finding things that weren’t natural, which started some chats about plastic. Then there was the discovery of a dead pigeon which they were all very interested in. They had a look at its claws and beak and decided that a vet couldn’t save it and that it should be buried underground to be safe. They also made an ice cream shop!



Maple were very excited to learn it was Ninja Day on Monday and a fair chunk of them decided to roam the forest with sticks practicing ninja poses and spy on each other! There was a chocolate brownie shop, which used lots of wood shavings to create a delicious meal. A wall was made using some logs but then once it was constructed, it was completely abandoned.  We finished with a couple of games of Eagle Eye which were highly contested and people have learnt to put there hoods up to make it tricky to know who is who!