Green fingers and tickling sticks!

Though the week has been a short one, we’ve managed to do rather a lot! Snowy and Cookie are still very much enjoying their time in our class, and have received lots of gentle cuddles this week. They have also been loving the dry weather, nibbling away at the fresh grass in their hutch outside.

The drier, warmer weather has also allowed us to get out our green fingers! After reading Mrs Tweedale’s book, “The Seeds of Change”, we understood the message about the importance of growing plants for the future, not only for us but for the animals too. We planted sunflower seeds and lettuce seeds and even planted our very first plant in our new sensory garden – a verbena.

In maths, both Ash and Saplings have been putting their spatial awareness to the test! We have looked at puzzles, working together to look at the colours and shapes of each piece to create the picture, and we have also set each other challenges! The children in Ash had to listen to each other’s instructions on how to create a specific shape. Without peeking, the children had to use very clear verbal guidance. Even though it was quite the challenge, they did really well!

The tickling sticks came with us to the forest this week, where the children were shown how to gently examine the minibeasts that we could find. Clean paintbrushes were used as ‘tickling sticks’, and the children used these to coax the little millipedes, woodlice, centipedes, ants and spiders into their inspection pots for a closer look. This way, the minibeasts were not harmed, and the children were very good at putting the creatures back where they had been found. The children really enjoyed this activity, and have been using non-fiction books to learn more about their findings since our forest session!

We have also been incredibly busy preparing for the Coronation Party that we will be having at lunch time on Friday! The children have made flags, bunting and paper chains during their choosing time and busy fingers. They have also been writing facts about the King and letters to him too! The children in Ash are becoming really independent with their sentence writing, and Saplings are really starting to enjoy their blending and initial sound practice. The children’s favourite facts were that King Charles III enjoys polo and skiing, and that he loves the environment and wants to look after it just as much as us.

We wish you a(nother) lovely bank holiday weekend!