Green fingers!

It has been another full and exciting week here in Early Years! We have been basing our teacher-directed learning on the topic of ‘All About Me’ and the children have been keen to share their knowledge. Inspired by the song Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, the children got thinking about all our other different body parts, such as our fingers, ears and even our eye lashes! They have enjoyed using this knowledge to draw detailed pictures of themselves during their own choosing time. Dance also got us thinking about our bodies and how they move, and especially how hard our heart works when our energy is high!

In the outside area this week, it was time to harvest our beans and courgettes that we planted last Summer. We even managed to lift our enormous marrow! We also planted some more seeds, including pak choi and radishes. We are hoping that our new raised planter will keep those pesky rabbits from having a nibble! Watch this space…

Whilst exploring through the sense of ‘touch’, the children used slices of the marrow to experiment with water colours and printing. The children noticed that the wet surface of the marrow slices made the paint spread out. The children also used their sense of touch with the different textured feely bags and gloop.

The diggers on the field have been causing quite a stir this week as they cleared the area behind the Early Years’ garden. The children were very excited to see the vehicle up close and chat to the builders. We are noticing lots of ‘building’ play during the children’s choosing time, including bridge-building in the forest and roadworks inside, so it is clearly a source of great intrigue and inspiration! We also spotted the builders’ drone overhead during our forest session which was very exciting indeed.

In phonics, Saplings have been enjoying singing songs together and sharing stories, listening in to different sounds and joining in with actions; they really do have superhero listening skills! Ash class have done exceptionally well learning new phonics routines, applying their knowledge and showing me their ‘perfect pencil poses’! We have focused on the sounds s a t and p this week, and next week we will be looking at i n m and d. The children have also been working so hard with their home reading books; thank you for all your support with this at home. It has been a pleasure to hear them read this week, blending words and being excellent sound detectives!

Please do let me know, via email or at the door, if you are able to attend our Reception and Year 1 Phonics meeting at 9-9.30 on Monday 26th September. Thank you to those who have confirmed already! Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Tuesday 20th back at school.