Grilling and Goodbyes! BBQ time!

As the temperature sizzled, so did our burgers! Our Year 6 Leavers’ BBQ was b-b-brilliant! We sure can grill. Burgers and sausages were cooked to perfection…and devoured in a matter of moments!

Our BBQ smelled so delicious that even a passing fire crew stopped by to pay us a visit! Of course we couldn’t let our fire fighters leave without inviting them to join our BBQ. They loved their burgers – they had a long hot shift ahead and so hopefully their pit stop with us helped to keep them going. A big shout out to all fire fighters out there – thank you for keeping us safe!

What better way to finish off our BBQ than with a water obstacle race! Super soakers (and whole bucket fulls of water!) were the perfect way to cool off and have fun.

Dear Year 6,

We have had the best of years with you all. You have made us smile every day and we have enjoyed learning with you. We are so proud of your progress this year. Keep on believing and reaching for the stars! Thank you very much for your generous gifts and very kind words, they are truly appreciated.

We wish you all the loveliest of summers and all the very best for a successful start at secondary school in September.

Team Willow