Growing plants, growing brains!

This week, the children in Early Years were thinking about the theme “Growing” for Science week. We spoke about how people can grow as well as plants and animals. We even had a little debate about whether cakes can grow!

“I think cakes can’t grow because they’re not alive!” – Eva

“But I disagree… cakes grow in the oven because they get bigger! But it’s a different kind of growing isn’t it?” – Francis

The children have really enjoyed playing with the babies in choosing time and have enjoyed the sunnier weather outside in the forest. As well as talking about how they have grown up from being babies, the children also spoke about growing their brains when they solved problems in the forest!

As Easter is approaching, we are also beginning to think about celebrating growing with Spring and new life around the corner. With this in mind, we undertook a special project set by Mrs Sassis who asked for us to make Easter cards for our friends in another school in Gran Canaria! The children loved exploring Google Earth to find out where this was and we noticed lots of different features of the globe, including the sea, buildings and even beaches!

One of the children’s favourite Science activities this week was Zoom Out! Starting with a close up picture of a plant, the children had to guess what it might be based on what they could see. They noticed lots of details and made links with their previous knowledge and experience to make thoughtful observations.

The children were particularly taken by the picture of the buttercup, wondering whether other flowers looked the same, like sunflowers or daffodils. This spurred the children on to compare what they had seen with the buttercup to what they observed themselves in the outside area! Observing… comparing… questioning… what super scientists we all are!

Even with all this science, we still had time to practise ai ee igh and oa in Ash phonics, and i n m and d in Sapling phonics. We have also been looking at ordering numbers (even though cheeky monkey keeps swapping around the number cards!).