Guess who back…back again!


It was a good day to be back in the forest! There were a few bits of admin that needed to be completed before the forest could be back up and running again and Lime were more than up to the challenge. They helped clear all of the logs and cut branches from under the tree (to make it safe to climb) and then used those logs to begin building a fence to show where the forest ends and field begins. Then they got busy celebrating ‘cheese pizza day’ and ‘eat an extra dessert day’ by making  squishy mud pizza and brownies!



The new Willow class were also up for helping build the fence and added some structural integrity and mud to the top, as a sort of cement. They then got busy climbing and finding. The most exciting discovery was a frog! Everyone heard the shouts and moved over to see what was happening and sure enough, under a log was a lil slimy amphibian! He was caught in the see through pots and then showcased to everyone. After a brief show and tell, they decided it was too hot keep him in the pot and they set him free!



1, 2, 3 Where are you! The littlest members of the school were very excited to get out in the sun. They listened well to all of the forest agreements and tried hard to take them all on board. Then we played a game! Considering it was the first time playing, they were incredible at staying in their hiding spots and calling back… ‘1, 2, 3 we’re over here!’ They then scampered off up the trees and got busy trying to find the stones that were hidden for them and used rope to transport logs!



Beech were in a very creative mood! They had the very important job of finding lots of sticks to use in art and it wasn’t long before a bucket was full of sticks that they were excited to use for art. They were very good at taking turns climbing the tree and created a little queue system to keep it fair. Two very sturdy stick dens were made with some excellent stick carrying. Another group scoured the floor for catkins to fill buckets of ‘worms’ and began sharing them out to everyone.



Maple were very pleased to hear that it was ‘National Dog Walker Day’ this week and lots of them were transformed into dogs to be paraded around the forest! One particularly lively dog was called Badger. Elsewhere are dedicated group worked hard to find the stones hidden around and had 19 stones in the bucket by the end (even if 2 of those was a stone that had split in half). A huge beetle called Billy was found and was the source of great excitement. They made a special home for him to live in too!