Hadham Institute of Fine Forest Art…


Lime class were inspired by the fact it was ‘Go to an Art Museum Day’ (on Thursday) and made as many sculptures as they could around the forest. They made mud faces, butterfly’s from chestnut shells and rainbows from sticks. There was one art gallery in particular where as well at the art, you could enjoy a cookie or coffee from the cafĂ©! With remembrance day on Sunday, lots of groups were re-enacting some WWI battles too, as well as tying lots of knots in trees.



Willow haven’t had very much luck with the weather of late. The rain came thrashing down and only got heavier throughout their session. They ploughed on regardless and made the most of their time, they enjoyed making some minimalistic sculptures by explain the meaning behind various leaves and sticks. They created a game on the swing where you took one big swing and tried to stop dead by standing on a stump. The mud made this very difficult! They also decided to take part in some WWI battles, with very realistic weather conditions!



It had been a while since we’d played 1, 2, 3, Where are you?, so we recapped the rules at the stumps and they absolutely loved it! They flew off to find hiding spaces and then stuck their feet to the floor. Once they’d been found, they stuck together like a shoal of fish and didn’t even run off. They had so much fun that we played it twice! They then turned the forest into and art gallery and made lots of stick men sculptures and even a pyramid. Some tried to walk across the log pile in the digging zone pretending it was a fire pit.



Beech class were inspired by art museum day and spent the session turning sticks into sculptures and pictures. Some put 4 sticks together to make a photo frame and used leaves to create pictures and smiley faces! Some found lots of sweet chestnuts and put them into rows for their gallery. A group began tying ropes around the trees to make a big skipping rope, which looked like great fun! There was also a Christmas game and a WWI game too, which were quite contrasting!



There was a lot going on in Maple’s session as usual! For quite a while everyone was gathered around a caveman who was wailing and making a lot of noise. Then someone put a bucket on his head and it became the ’emotional support bucket’, which seemed to calm this wild caveman down. A group of children were walking into the shed constantly because they were ‘glitching’. In a continuation from last week, a potion shop was made and a huge hand shaped twig was found which was turned into a giant stickman!