Hair-raising goings on in Year 6!

What bright sparks! In Science, we explored static electricity using balloons. It was lots of fun from hair-raising moments to balloons stuck to walls and jumping pieces of paper! We learnt about positive and negative charges and charges becoming unbalanced. We also applied what we had learnt to thinking about lightning strikes and the particles in clouds being disrupted and becoming unbalanced.

During P.E. this week with Mrs. Tweedale, we used our powers of strategy to triumph in some team games. We finished our lesson with a fun game of ‘Human Noughts and Crosses’ which definitely tested our team skills as well as our speed.

Our beautiful wooden frames made before half term now hold original works of art! We are justifiably proud of our finished work – each one unique and a masterpiece (just like us!).

In Art, we explored the colour wheel. We consolidated our understanding of primary and secondary colours and investigated complementary colours. We discovered how effective the colours we use can be at creating depth, tone and shadow. We also explored how placing complementary colours alongside one another helps to create different impressions – just like the Impressionist painters of the past!

We have seen some spectacular Jubilee celebrations over the past week and were inspired to create our own Platinum Jubilee forest street party. We even created our own forest bunting and wearable decorations using things from the forest floor! We think the Queen would approve as we know how much she cares about the environment and loves the outdoors.

Inspired by the short film, ‘Road’s End’, we have been describing characters and learning the rules of writing dialogue in our English lessons this week. The film, although only a couple of minutes long, has really created a buzz in Willow Class as we discussed the mysterious character and speculated about the intriguing events. It’s certainly inspired us to get writing!

In preparation for our summer fair, we have decorated paper bags. These bags have been sent home to be filled with all things delightful. Some bags have already returned to school, bursting with goodies ready to be sold at our summer fair! We think our decorated bags look rather Fab-ulous!

Have a great weekend, everyone!