Halloween, Fireworks and Fungi!


Lime were still feeling the excitement from Halloween and so decided to turn the forest into a celebration of all things spooky. There was lots of trick or treating which started a chant about smelling someone’s feet, which was probably the trick! They traded leaves (which were sweets) in buckets and a few of them began darting around the forest, which signalled they were having a sugar rush! The session peaked with a Halloween party featuring a couple of singers performing some original songs.



Willow also got into the trick or treating spirit, trading leaves as sweets but also sneaking a few spiky sweet chestnut shells which were the tricks! The fort was treated to an excavation, as some steps were built to help the smaller members of the school when entering and leaving. Elsewhere the rainy start to the week had made all the worms come to the surface and a great worm collection was made. Those digging in the fort helped bolster the worm supplies and by the end of the session the bucket was overflowing!



With fireworks night looming, Ash and Saplings were excited to talk about the different type of fireworks that they were going to see this weekend. They decided to use leaves and sticks to make their own and made lots of loud noises, finding different coloured leaves to make them look pretty! Then the most exciting thing happened… the tractor came and started trimming the hedges! A group watched and cheered on as the bushes were given a haircut. What a treat!



Beech were more excited to create a firework display and lots of them worked for most of the session in small groups making their own fireworks. There were logs propped up, with leaves and rope tied to them, piles of sticks on the ground and handfuls of leaves collected ready to throw into the air. At the end of the session we gathered in a couple of places and ‘ooh’d and ahh’d’ as we heard lots of bangs and fizzing. We were also treated to an episode of Strictly Come Dancing (luckily our judges were kinder than those on TV)!



A few clever firework contraptions were made, including one dug deep into the digging zone (if it were real, you’d have to stand very far back!) but the main attraction of the forest was the ‘Mushroom-seum’. A dedicated group of fungi finders went around finding anything weird and sticky. They collected a huge pile of logs together and started generating interest to find possible customers.  We finished the session with a brief educational talk about the different exhibits but there wasn’t ‘mushroom’ for everybody… (sorry!)