Happy Birthday, Mr. Shakespeare!


In Art this week, we learnt some new sketching techniques including cross hatching and scumbling. We learnt about the proportions of the human face and then used what we had learnt to produce some stunning portraits of William Shakespeare.

To celebrate William Shakespeare’s birthday (23rd April), we were treated to a live-stream performance of ‘The Play’s The Thing’, performed by The Globe Players. It was a lively presentation of some of the most popular scenes from Shakespeare’s plays, combined with fascinating narration and a sprinkling of Shakespearean insults! We thoroughly enjoyed highlights from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, ‘Macbeth’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, and ‘Twelfth Night’.  Already we know the plot of quite a few Shakespeare plays and many famous lines from the Bard’s writing!

In Science, we learnt about Carl Linnaeus and his sorting and classification system. After some careful research, we produced some interesting fact files about Linnaeus.

Our school received a gift of some beautiful bird boxes this week from Mr. Ball. We are excited for them to be positioned around the school so we can welcome our feathered friends. Our School Captains wrote ‘thank you’ letters to Mr. Ball on behalf of all the children. Well done, Captains!

Forest fun, terrific tennis and simply stunning poses in Yoga!

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend, Year 6!