Happy Summer Everyone!

After two last happy days our school year has come to an end . We had one last time in the Forest … we peeped at the other children doing their Sports Day!

Libby’s family have very kindly made us all a wonderful keyring from the wood of the cherry tree that her daddy chopped down for us.  Libby gave us our keyrings as we sat on the stumps, and chair, made from the tree. Thank you so much to the Battle Family – they are beautiful and will always remind us of the fun that we had under, around and up our cherry tree!

Today finished with the family picnic on the field …

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all so very much for the wonderful gifts that you have given to us – your kind words have blown us away! Thank you.

So we finish this unusual year with some very hot smiles . We have  had a super time in the Unit – your children are amazing little people who have made some great progress despite the situation that we all found ourselves in. Thank you to you all for supporting us so well throughout the year.  We know that the Ash children will enjoy continuing their learning in Beech Class and although we will miss them we know that they are ready for their next adventure! Theodore enjoy your new school. Saplings we look forward to seeing you back in the Unit in September wearing your Ash Class shoes!

Have the most wonderful summer all of you! Stay safe.