Hark! I hear a Forest!




Fresh from a very exciting assembly where the students were shown an array of woodwind and brass instruments, Lime were inspired to make their own instruments in the forest! There were clarinets, flutes, a guitar and a drum kit, all of which were played with a great deal of enthusiasm. We were even played out of the session by a talented duo of forest performers! We also played a couple of games of Eagle Eye, while many enjoyed seeing Willow’s fort for the first time.



Instruments were on the agenda in Willow too, they added a harp and microphone to the forest and even started a couple of bands! The rock and roll lifestyle was short-lived and after a short performance, including ‘let it go’ (don’t sue us Disney), they mostly went back to improving their fort from last week. People had various jobs, including, gatherers, builders and guards. They worked together excellently and the fort has nearly doubled in size!



Last week, we looked for things we could see in the forest and this week we used our ears! They arranged sticks in circles and made nests in their own spots. Some teamed up but a few preferred to sit on their own and enjoy the peace. They worked hard to clear their heads, turn their brains off and remember all the sounds that they heard. Once we’d sat still, they went off on their adventures! There was a great game with a rope and some bird sounds that lots of them were enjoying.



Beech were infatuated with the fort, it’s nearly taller than them and most can fit inside. It wasn’t long before it became a pirate ship and many great battles were fought to protect the invisible invaders from coming aboard. Some ropes were hung from a tree and became lazers that you had to try and avoid. They worked hard to tie them up efficiently and then duck underneath them. A few rope swings have popped up too and they were all being enjoyed at one point or another.



Maple tried their hand at making musical instruments too and were determined to think of more imaginative way to make them. They made saxophones, clarinets and lots of ‘normal’ instruments but made interesting modifications that did cool tricks, to make them truly unique. The digging zone was given an unexpected makeover and was swept and dug exceptionally low. The fort made for an excellent hiding place and the tree was renamed Pinocchio for reasons that never quite became clear…!