Hubble bubble…


It was a muddy day in the forest all round but that didn’t stop Lime class from enjoying the fun! They were still full of sugar from Halloween the night before, so the forest was full of trick or treaters and make shift costumes!  They built quite the food chain by selling sweets (which were the new addition to November, Sweet Chestnuts!) to home owners, who then gave them out to trick or treaters! They also made a stone age settlement and put up a tarp for shelter too.



RAIN! The second the waterproofs were on, the clouds let loose which made for a very wet session! They decided that the first thing on the agenda was putting up a shelter and a group got a tarp and began using their best knot tying skills to keep us dry. They were fascinated with the pools of water collecting on top and really enjoyed draining it making giant waterfalls. Lots of sweet Chestnuts were collected and as always the bug pots were in high demand. The second they were back in class…the rain stopped.



The trees have started to drop lots of exciting things onto the ground and they make perfect ingredients for potions! They scampered around the forest looking for the right leaves, stones, string, sweet chestnuts and anything small enough to fit in the jars. Once they were happy, they began thinking about what their potions would do. Some turned you into a lion or fox, others were used to ward off or entice vampires or skeletons! There was also a group lining up and following the leader around on a forest bus ride.



Beech were also very keen to use the forest ingredients to make potions, they filled their jars and stirred. One group worked really hard to strip all of the leaves off of some fallen bamboo, they enjoyed it so much that they forgot about the potion and were more focussed on filling! The most imaginative of their potions turned you into a mad scientist. Elsewhere, they began to try and move lots of logs out of the digging zone and another group really enjoyed playing in the shelter made by Willow.



The jars were emptied and potions were made again! Maple wanted to put water in their jars so that they could mix the potions up more, which would obviously make the magic work better. Some of their potions… gave you anything you wanted, made a suit, was chocolate milk but also poison, made you fly! They were also incredibly fascinated with the Sweet Chestnuts and began cracking their shells open and collecting them in a a bucket. They also began planning a wedding but the would be Bride and Groom weren’t too impressed!