I want to ride my bicycle!

We’ve enjoyed a great first week back after the half term break, full of learning and fun!

“There is no end to learning, but many beginnings” Tim Johnson

Can you ride a bicycle, a bicycle, a bicycle? Oh yes, we can! In fact, we can do more than ride, we can perform amazing stunts whilst riding a bicycle! Our stunts and tricks included ‘Ballerina’ and ‘Titanic’ to name just two! Our instructor helped us not only to learn great skills but also to recognise that when we find our comfort zone and take just a little push outside of this, we really can achieve incredible things. What courage and perseverance we showed during our BMX workshop! A brilliant way to end a busy week!

In maths, we learnt that there is an order of operations called BIDMAS. BIDMAS stands for Brackets, Indices, Division, Multiplication, Subtraction and Addition. We explored some real-life problems and learnt how BIDMAS can be used to avoid confusion. We even created our own BIDMAS jingle to help us remember how and when to use the order of operations. What fun!

Chère maman, je suis à la campagne. C’est calme à la campagne et il y a des animaux. In French, we applied our knowledge of key vocabulary and linked our learning to our WWII topic to write some beautiful letters from evacuees.

We love it when the post arrives, especially when we receive letters from our pen pals in Greece. We learnt  the interests and hobbies of our pen pals are so similar to our own. We are looking forward to writing back to our friends soon.

In art this week, we learnt about two-point perspective and the vanishing point. These techniques help to make objects in our drawings appear closer or further away. We practised using these techniques and evaluated our learning partner’s work, celebrating what went well and looking for ways to improve our drawings.

How did Britain stand firm against the German threat during the Second World War? This is the question we explored during our History lesson. We examined a cartoon from this period and identified some of the many things happening on the Home Front. We undertook research tasks in groups and became the ‘expert’ sharing our learning with the rest of the class. We learnt about the Home Guard and the role of women in factories.

What are your positive attributes? In PSHE, we identified the positive attributes of our peers. How lovely to hear such positive comments about each other – no wonder they call us ‘Wonderful Willow!’.

We discussed the definition of bullying and talked about why it’s okay to be different. We also debated different statements about bystander behaviours and why we agreed or disagreed with the statements.

Happy weekend!