I want to ride my bicycle

Welcome back! What a great start we’ve had to the summer term.

This week saw us enjoying learning the rules of the road and how to stay safe when cycling on our main roads. We learnt about different junctions, how to make safe u-turns and how to check our bike is safe and ready to ride.

In maths, we have been learning how to read and interpret pie charts. We used fraction and percentage equivalents to understand and ask questions about the data represented in pie charts. We drew our own pie charts with accuracy and used protractors to measure the degrees for each slice of the pie chart.

New term, new topic! Rebellion – full steam ahead? is the title of our new topic in which we will learn about life in Victorian times. This week, we looked at a portrait of Queen Victoria. We each took a section of the portrait and enlarged it to create a whole class version of the original. Watch this space as we hope to put the finishing touches to the painting over the next week.

We had lots of fun planning our own Victorian inspired miniature silhouettes. There was much team work needed, from angling the torch to tracing the outline of each others profile. Next, we will reproduce the image of our profile on black paper before creating an ornate, Victorian style frame for our silhouettes.

Anyone for tennis? The sun was shining in PE this week as we learnt some footwork technique and ball and racket skills for tennis.

Who said revising SPAG terminology and grammar was dull? It was anything but in Willow Class this week. We love a good game of Bingo in Year 6, especially when it helps us hone our grammar skills. We also revived a classic game show, ‘Blockbusters’. Impressive knowledge, rapid recall of information and super team work made for enjoyable English lessons this week.

In Dance this week, we loved working in groups to create our own dance sequence. We considered the dynamics of our movements, such as speed, to add interest to our dance.

Our next Learning Together Morning is Wednesday 26th April, 8.45-9.10am. We look forward to learning with you.

Have a lovely weekend.