I want to ride my bicycle!

This week in Willow Class, it was time for us to get on our bikes! We have spent this week learning the Highway Code and how to stay safe when cycling out and about as we took part in the Bikeability course. There was a lot to learn. We began learning about our bikes and how to check they are safe to ride. Then we performed some basic maneuvers on the playground.

Our instructors were impressed by our eagerness to learn and felt confident to take us out on the open road! And yes…we all passed with flying colours! Well done, Year 6!

Back in the classroom, we learnt about the stopping distances of cars travelling at different speeds. Did you know it takes a car travelling at a speed of 30mph a distance of 23 meters to come to a complete stop? We wanted to see what this distance really looked like and so measured it across our playground. We were really surprised by how far a car travels before coming to a complete stop and discussed the importance of all vehicles obeying the speed limits.

We researched history of the bike over the past 200 years and found out how much the design of the bicycle has changed over time. From the Dandy Charger and the Penny Farthing of the 1800s to the mountain bike of the 1980s, we all agreed that the changes in design really make for a comfortable ride these days. We also considered what the cycles of the future might be like and had a go at designing our own bike for the next century.

In Science this week, we used our previous learning about electrical circuits and their components to design an alarm for the Warden from the book ‘Holes’. In the story, the Warden fiercely guards the only patch of shade at Camp Green Lake. With this in mind, we designed circuits that when activated would set off an alarm and switch on a light warning the Warden of intruders. Our circuits included lamps, buzzers and switches. We had a lot of fun creating and trouble shooting our circuits, ensuring they would work. We also enjoyed testing them! Scan the QR codes below and take a look at what we got up to…

What a busy week, but we still made time for learning a new dance and for fun in the forest!

Have a wonderful weekend!