If you go down to the woods today…

… you’re in for a lot of fun!

Ash and Saplings had a wonderful time in Hatfield Forest today on their school trip! We started off incredibly excited for the coach journey, and we enjoyed guessing what colour it might be as we walked safely across the carpark. As the children took their seats, we buckled up and went on our way! During the coach trip, we spotted lots of different things out of the windows, from traffic cones and diggers, to trees and fields. Ellie even commented on the “beautiful view” we could see out of the window!

After we arrived and had a big drink, we were ready to set off on our first adventure! We even had the ducks following us to join in with the fun! We went on a nature walk where we spotted lots of different things, including moss, mushrooms and animal tracks. The children enjoyed using binoculars to see the ducks across the lake and to see the fern leaves and wildflowers through the trees.

Once we finished our morning nature walk, we rested in the shade of a tree ready for a story and, most excitingly, a picnic! The children loved having their lunch together and it was made even more enjoyable by the shade, the breeze and a special ice lolly treat! In fact, our food was so yummy that the ducks came back to visit us again! The children didn’t stop using their nature detective eyes and saw some swans and their cygnet from across the grass walking towards the lake to keep cool.

With our tummies full and feeling hydrated once more, we spent time in the afternoon investigating pond life and searching for little creatures on a minibeast hunt in the long grass. In the pond life trays, we found some flat worms, dragonfly larvae and water boatmen. We learnt that dragonflies have their wings our from side-to side when they rest, and damselflies rest with their wings behind them!  During our minibeast hunt we found lots of woodlice, spiders ants and butterflies. We put our bug knowledge to the test with a guessing game where each of the groups had to act out different minibeasts for their friends to guess. We had the most excellent impressions of worms, millipedes, bees and woodlice!

The journey back home was a tale of two halves; partly excitable chatter about the day, partly a chance to have a little snooze! The children had such a fantastic time!