I’m a Year 6…get me out of here!



It had been a while since Lime had been in the forest with the Christmas break and the snow, so they took part in a forest survey. They placed hula hoops on the forest floor in pairs and went around checking how healthy the forest was, by what they could see. There wasn’t very much grass, which they thought could be a problem but this exercise did lead to the discovery of some small holes which may have been dug by an animal! There was lots of imaginative play in this session, including Spiderman and Harry Potter.



After the success of last year’s Bushtucker trials, it was time for the second annual ‘I’m a Year 6…get me out of here!’ The class were divided into teams and took part in 4 different trials to see who could get the most stars. They threw beanbags into hoops, while dodging balls. Had a blindfold challenge to find their beanbag, as their team members gave instructions. Dipped their hands in wellies for stars (which was very messy!) Then they all sat in a circle and ate dried crickets, most contestants ate but some were less than pleased!



It’s time for a forest party, it coincided with a birthday which was even more special! We needed a dance to keep ourselves warm, as the wind was blowing in from all directions. There were leaf decorations slotted carefully on to string (before they blew away) and sticky mud cakes aplenty. Soon chattering teeth turned into dancing feet and everyone was having a great time. They also enjoyed the colourful batons again, using them for decorations and drum sticks! After the party had died down, everyone enjoyed the cake.



The party carried on with Beech class. They made cake and decorations too but added leaf balloons and had a DJ that sang the Doctor Who theme tune! Before the mud cake was shared, there was an impromptu game of musical statues and a hearty rendition of Happy Birthday for those that had birthdays coming up. It wasn’t all just party games and dancing, there was a boggle egg game too. A few groups were stealing and finding, while others were digging and hiding!



Maple were excited to party but were mainly focussed on building an incredible party palace/shelter from the wind. A tarp went up pretty quickly, as they fought off the wind (needing a couple of people to stop the tarp from blowing away) and they then added a dancefloor, which they secured to the ground with weights and sticks. When the party began, it was all about the newest DJ sensation, ‘DJ Worm’ who was heralded from in his plastic bug container. The party finished with Maple’s favourite song, ‘Yellow Submarine’!