Imagine, explore, discover!

Fancy a trip to Antarctica? We did this week! We used travel brochures to research what a trip to this incredible part of our world would be like. We discovered that it is possible to enjoy a whole host of wonderful activities including canoeing amongst the seals, whale watching, visiting penguin colonies, kayaking and helping teams of scientists with their ongoing research. We also discovered that the accommodation we could stay in is rather special – hot tubs, saunas, spas and five star dining options to name a few. Tempted? We certainly were! We used the information found to write a letter to a friend telling them about our fabulous holiday expedition to the Antarctic. Such a pity it was only fictitious!

In our Reading lesson, as well as learning how to improve our retrieval and inference skills, we learnt about Ernest Shackleton, an explorer who travelled to Antarctica. We learnt he is known for his adventures during several attempts to reach the South Pole.

In English, we kept things chilly by researching information about the infamous Titanic. Next week, we will use our research to write non-chronological reports. We just love sharing our learning with each other. Throughout the lesson, many cries of ‘Did you know…?’ and ‘You’ll never believe it but…!’ could be heard! Just great!

Ever wondered why certain animals have particular characteristics? In Science, we are learning about different environments and how organisms have adapted in order that they can survive in their environment. We used our knowledge of different environments and adaptations to design our own organisms. We explained the adaptations scientifically and also let our imagination take flight!

What’s that drip, drip, dripping? It’s the icicles from Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’. In Music, we explored different musical motifs inspired by Vivaldi’s music. We had lots of fun passing music around the circle and then adding some unpitched and pitched instruments. The result was a suitably frosty feeling piece of music. Well done, Year 6.

And to round off a week packed with learning… a ‘Box Fitness’ session! We are quick on our feet; our hand-eye coordination is rather impressive too!

Have a super weekend!