Into the woods!

This week, Year 6 celebrated International Forest Day and the theme ‘Forest and Biodiversity’. We spent a super afternoon in the forest working in teams, den building, swing making, whittling, toasting marshmallows and smiling lots! Year 6 agree – being in the forest makes you feel good and brings a smile to your face! Enjoy a snap shot of our time…

In Yoga this week we played our own version of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ but with Yoga poses. Tactics a-plenty but the final score was a draw! How beautiful our Yoga poses are becoming!

In computing, we learnt how to write commands and used the program ‘Logo’ to draw shapes.

In our comprehension lessons, we are learning how to give evidence to support our answers when responding to a text. We like to A.P.E our answers (answer, prove, explain!).

Great work this week, Team Willow!