Intrepid Explorers…

The week in which we boarded the train to Cambridge and had our own mini adventure!

Willow Class enjoyed a fantastic visit to the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge. We found out about Captain Scott’s expedition to Antarctica and read moving accounts from his diary about the challenges he and his team faced during their fateful expedition. We saw many examples of the instruments used by Scott and his team of researchers at the South Pole. We were extremely fortunate to be invited to ring the very bell from Scott’s ship, the Terra Nova, dating back to 1912! An experience to remember!



Was the failure of Captain Scott’s expedition to the South Pole due to bad luck or bad planning? That was the question we fiercely debated in our History lesson this week. We presented our views with such passion and listened to both sides of the argument. We asked each other to clarify points of view and consider all the evidence available. What fabulous historians we are!

Now you see me… now you don’t! In Science, we explored the different ways animals use camouflage to help survive in their environment. We looked at the ability to use disguise, disruptive camouflage and mimicry. What a wonderful world we live in! Just look at how well camouflaged our butterflies are.

Teeth chattering, harsh winds howling and icicles dripping. Vivaldi’s famous composition, Winter, inspired us to create our own musical motifs. We worked brilliantly in small groups using percussion and body percussion as well as our knowledge of crotchets, quavers and rests to create interesting compositions.

Step into our virtual reality. Such fun using our VR headsets this week as we explored the virtual worlds we have been busily creating. The future looks bright!

All fun and games? That is the slogan for this year’s Safer Internet Day and in Willow Class we had lots of fun creating a rap containing important messages on how to get the best from the internet whilst staying safe online. A few of our ideas included lines such as…’ we have the power to keep things from turning sour!’ ‘If Twitter turns bitter, throw it in the litter!’ ‘Our online community needs to be a place where we can find unity.’ ‘Keep your information close to your chest, you know it’s best!’

What a great half term it has been. So much learning and many giggles along the way.

Enjoy a well deserved rest, Year 6. Relax, listen to your favourite tunes, get lost in a great book and we look forward to welcoming you back in school on Tuesday 22nd February (that’s twos-day – 22.2.22!)

Take care.