Introducing Ben the Toaster…

What a warm week is has been! The children have been making the most of the shady spots in our garden and have enjoyed playing with the potions and the water area to keep cool. A favourite activity was to use the syringes to ‘make it rain’ by squirting them up in the air! We haven’t forgotten to water our plants though, and we have been rewarded with our hard work by seeing our first fruits! We have also been making fans using a folding technique which the children picked up very quickly. All these activities are really helping to develop the children’s fine motor skills and it is really showing in their amazing writing during phonics!

The children are doing brilliantly with their literacy, focusing on Handa’s Surprise, and did a great job helping Mrs Lawrence sort out the story props that she had gotten in a muddle! We are also starting to learn a bit more about Handa, that the story is from a place in Africa called Kenya and one of their official languages is Swahili. The children loved learning a song in Swahili called “Jambo” which means “Hello”!

In the forest this week, the children were making lots of different collections, inspired by one of their classmates to start a museum! We collected bark, twigs, flowers and seed pods and some children even tried to entice millipedes from their hiding places to make up a part of their minibeast collection.

In maths the children have been looking closely at the numicon pieces… we have noticed something a bit funny! Some of them have knobbly bits sticking out and some of them don’t… the children decided that this was a bit odd, so decided to sort the numicon pieces into ‘odd’ ones and ‘even’ ones. This learning has been continuing into choosing time, with children discovering that even numbers can be shared fairly between two, like pencils for colouring and even pizza for munching!

Unfortunately, the children are starting to think the heat might be getting to Mrs Lawrence… the other day, she introduced us to her new pet! Her pet had a tail, a special basket and his favourite food was bread… it was Ben the toaster! The children thought Mrs Lawrence was talking a lot of nonsense as she tried to convince them that Ben really was her pet! It got us thinking “What is a pet?” and the children came up with some wonderful thoughts, such as “pets have to have eyes”, “they can’t be made of metal” and “tails shouldn’t have plugs on them”! Some children said that Mrs Lawrence could have Ben as a pet if she wanted to, as “pets are something that is in your house and if you want it to be your pet you can”. Others disagreed and suggested that pets “are supposed to be alive, like animals… like cats and Labradors”! Following our discussion, the children wrote lists detailing what a pet needs to have, drew pictures of pets to give examples from their experience, and also turned boxes into their very own pets!

I was SO impressed with the children’s oracy skills, and the way that they gave reasons for their suggestions and listened to each other during the discussion!