It may be raining outside, but there’s plenty of learning going on in Year 6!

This week we have been finding out about bloggers and why they blog. We were inspired to write our own blogs.

In our Forest session this week, the weather might have been a bit unsettled but it gave us the perfect excuse to have our very own den building competition. Everyone rose to the challenge and the trophy was made by our judges, Jack and Fiore. Well done everyone!

Time for a story in Yoga. This week, we thought about our three chosen Yoga poses and what story they told. Our poses were Candle, Gate and Hero. We thought about the past year, the struggles of the Pandemic, a candle as a symbol of hope, the restrictions gradually lifting and the gate being opened to allow us more freedom. We took a moment to think of our heroes from this past year. What story would you tell with these poses?

What truly fantastic writers we have in Year 6! We have been working on creating characters and creating atmosphere in our writing and based our work on the short film ‘Road’s End’. We are very proud of our final pieces of work. We hope you enjoy them too.

In Science, we have been recording the results of our mould investigation. We have been observing slices of bread kept in different conditions to see how mould grows. We looked at the effect light, moisture and heat had on the rate at which mould grows.

We have been thinking about sustainability and our Captains have been asking the children across the school for their thoughts on this topic. Next week, our Captains will share these findings with the Governors of our school. Our Captains also had the opportunity to meet with Louise Landman who talked to us about the work she does with the UN and the Woodland Trust. We discussed the 17 Sustainable Development Goals with Louise. She certainly gave us plenty to think about!

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

Whatever the weather this weekend, have a great time, Year 6!