It was drum week, there were…repercussions!


Lime were so pleased to be able to climb trees again this morning, as the rain had being stopping play for the last couple of weeks! They pushed themselves while climbing and helped give each other tips on how to move from branch to branch. Some swung around like monkeys! A sandwich/fast food shop was made which made some delicious jam sandwiches and there was also a drum display to celebrate ‘drummer day’. Behind the shed, a group made a very cool base and were enjoying hanging out there and keeping guard!



Willow were keen to flex their whittling muscles and after they’d all passed the safety demonstration, a few of them sat on the stumps and sharpened sticks. They tried to see who could make the biggest pile of wood shavings. They are very interested in WWI at the minute and continued to play the same game as last week. They arranged some sticks and enjoyed protecting their trench from the enemy.  Someone walked around with drum sticks and all of the forest was their drum kit!



Drums for all! The forest was bouncing to the beat of lots of tiny drum sticks this morning. After they requested 2 very successful games of ‘1, 2, 3 Where Are You?’, they scurried off to find the perfect drum sticks and began whacking logs. Some found some buckets and turned them upside down and began hitting them too! The swing was very popular and they were really great at taking turns, having 3 swings each. They climbed the trees expertly and there was even a tiger in a den.



Beech also enjoyed using their drums sticks in the forest and were making quite a noise! A big group were playing ‘Deadly 60’ and searching high and low for some dangerous creatures. They turned the stumps over and found a ‘tree wrecker’, which was a very exciting moment! There was some excellent tree climbing as always (with some great queuing and turn taking) and a huge collection of worms was put into a bucket. Another group were enjoying moving some stumps from the digging zone around in a production line.



Maple were not so occupied with drumming but more interested in den building. A group worked really hard to move sticks from the (still filled in) digging zone, so make an awesome stick den, that sat under it very proudly just watching life go by. Another group got a tarp and enjoyed sitting under it giggle and occasionally helping the people who started an epic hide and seek game. A third group made a base for ‘William the Goat’, the rules/reasons for this never really became apparent but they were having fun all the same!