It’s beginning to look a lot like… another rainy week!

Yet another wet week! Nevertheless, the children have been enjoying playing outside. In fact, we noticed that the extra rainfall we have been having has caused the stream to flow at the end of the garden. The children enjoyed watching and listening to the water trickle along. We also managed to hang out our bird feeders amongst the trees. The children made sure that they hung them high enough, so those pesky rabbits don’t gobble the lot!

We enjoyed taking our maths learning out to the forest this week, where we turned into engineers! We were challenged to either make a triangle or a circle. The children quickly discovered that three, straight sticks would be needed for a triangle, but the circle had a few of us scratching our heads until Sophie exclaimed “you just need two curved sticks, or one!”. This announcement inspired the children to get searching for curvy sticks on the forest floor. As they searched, they found other circular objects, such as lichen, leaves and stumps, as well as letter shapes they recognised from phonics: “This one’s a ‘X’!” says Toni, whilst Luna spots an L shaped stick!

Our phonic knowledge certainly came in handy this week, as the children made invitations for their grown ups to attend our Christmas show! Ash class used one of their new ‘special friends’ (digraphs) in their writing (this week, they learnt sh th ng nk), as they wrote ‘come to the show’ using their own sound knowledge. Saplings helped to decorate the poster for the classroom window with pictures of snowmen, Christmas trees and all sorts of festive images.

With Christmas fast approaching, the children have been learning a little bit about the Christian celebration during carpet times. This week, we shared a story about a shepherd who looked after his sheep and heard how Christians view Jesus as the shepherd, looking after them. We all enjoyed the story together and talked about how some people might believe in Jesus, and others may not. The children are always incredibly respectful during RE and recognise that we all believe in different things and that’s ok! Following this, the children (crafty as ever!) enjoyed creating their own sheep.

With all the learning and exciting activities that the children are getting involved in, sometimes it’s important to take a step back, and realise the beauty of simplicity… I noticed the children gathering around the carpet area during a choosing time this week. As I peered over, I saw them all listening intently to Mrs Lammin reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears; really heartwarming! And just the remedy for a rather poorly week!