It’s beginning to look a lot like Forest…



It was St Andrew’s day in Scotland, so Lime put on their best Scottish accents for the morning! In honour of this special day, they opened up a cafe that sold very well-presented food (although the Cafe also sold French food too!). A lot of games of Eagle Eye were played today and they’ve realised that the fort is an excellent place to hide. A failed attempt at a rope swing turned into an excellent lasso game. Before long the stick got stuck in the tree and they all pulled to try and set it free! Heave!



Willow’s main concern continues to be the excavation of the fort. To their dismay, other classes have also been using the fort and they feel like their hard work gets undone every week! They moved logs and began digging away to get it just how they like it. The rope swing became a fireman’s pole for a while and a group would take it in turns to climb the tree and then swing themselves down. Elsewhere, a stick version of St Andrew was made with a bucket for a head!



It was a very exciting morning in the forest! The children soon forgot about their chilly hands, as they played a very active ‘hide and find’ game. We had some ‘Christmas Decorations’ in the forest and they got into pairs to take it in turns to hide them, before their partner ran off to try and discover where they’d been hidden. They had to remember which coloured decoration was theirs, which proved quite tricky but luckily most of them were peeking, which made things a lot easier!



Maple turned the Christmas decorations into more of a competition and tried to see who could find their decorations first! Some were hidden in very challenging places and a few continued playing the game for the entire session.  Some very creative things were happening in the forest once the session got into full swing. There was a hot tub company building in the digging zone, the decorations were used to revive the I’m a Celeb game from last week and a massage shop opened up in a purpose-built shelter!