It’s Chriiiiiissssttmaaaaas (Bazaar day)


It was a rainy morning for Lime class, so waterproofs went on and they worked to put up some tarps. There was a bit of a rope shortage, so they had to be shrewd with which ropes went where. They worked as a good team and helped those who weren’t so keen on getting wet stay sheltered. A pre Thanksgiving day parade took place, with a group marching around the forest in formation chanting ‘parade’. They waved a stick flag in celebration and in between each lap of the forest, the audience watching were treated to some ad breaks!



Luckily the sun had come out for Willow but the remains of the rain could be seen and heard squelching, as mud ruled this session! Mud was used to renovate the fort and the beginnings of a back wall could be seen, which is going to help people to use the door system that they’d created. The digging zone was extra squishy today, so hands and faces were decorated. Those in the digging zone were also providing a group with mud to make some sort of potion. You had to avoid some very messy handshakes that were being given out!



It was Christmas Bazaar day and boy were the little ones excited! They had an extra pep in their step and we spoke about what things they might see at the Bazaar. We played a very successful game of 1, 2, 3 where are you and then they dashed off to turn the forest Christmassy. Santa and Rudolph flew around the forest, while some elves prepared the toys and treats for everyone (that was being well behaved)! They had no wrapping paper but they said it didn’t really matter, as long as they enjoyed the gifts.



Beech were full of beans today, as the Christmas mood took them over! They created their very own Christmas band with drums, singing and a flute. A Christmas star was made and put atop the fort too.  There was some serious work going down in the digging zone, as a few children worked furiously to try and get at something they’d found in the mud. Cheers could be heard a while later, as they’d found a giant rock! They were very proud of their hard work and held the rock up for a picture like it was a prized fish!



Maple were ready for the Bazaar too and a few of them made a mini bazaar with; toys, special items and artifacts. There were also a few sporty stalls following on from the carnival last week, the most popular was a golf course that had plenty of obstacles to avoid. In non-Christmassy news, an ‘I’m a Celeb’ game was created where you had to find as many stars as you could under the time limit, to receive the prestigious award of leaves! There were also some loud cavemen and a world cup was made using sticks…