It’s raining… ice cream?!

The children have been growing their brains in phonics and literacy this week with our story I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato. They decided to use their sounds to try and trick Mrs Lawrence at snack time, by changing all the labels! Some children chose to draw different pictures and others wrote new words (some of Ash class even used their newly learnt sounds z y ch and qu). Mrs Lawrence was very confused when she thought she was biting into a yummy clementine, when in fact it was a rugby ball! One of the Saplings even had her fooled by labelling a banana ‘a squiggle monster’!

It has indeed been a very wet week this week, though this hasn’t stopped Early Years from venturing outside. We even took the chance to sing as many rain themed nursery rhymes as we could in the forest, in the spirit of Nursery Rhyme week! The children’s suits were rather muddy upon our return from the forest, as we couldn’t resist investigating the squelchyoozysticky mud! The children came up with so many fantastic describing words.

Mrs Lammin had a lot of fun with the children telling a story through Tales Toolkit. This week, Harold was playing in the cosy corner, but the problem was that nobody was playing with him. The children recognised that he felt lonely, and some thought he might even be bored. Luckily, his friend Mr Hedgehog spotted him and came over to play! This is something that the children are beginning to do more in their own choosing time too, inviting others to play and joining in.

Following on from the children’s first P4C session last week, we continued thinking about whether it would be a good thing or a bad thing for it to rain ice cream. Previously, most of the children thought it would be a very good (and delicious) thing! However, this week we donned our thinking caps once more to delve deeper. We looked at photos of parties, beach days and even car journeys, and wondered how these scenarios would look if it were to rain ice cream. After some quiet thinking time, the children shared their thoughts with their friends, listening to each other’s ideas and giving thoughts of their own.

Our Thinking Time puppet, Tabby Cat, had some key words tucked away in her hat to help guide our thoughts: all the time, sometimes, one time and never. We then voted, with our ‘thinking thumb’ tokens, on whether we thought it would be good if it rained ice cream all the time, sometimes, one time or never. The children’s thinking certainly changed from last week, with lots of different thoughts being shared!

It might be boring if it was all the time. But one time might be fun!

No, never, it would ruin the party!

If it rains ice cream when you’re driving, you just put the wipers on!

During choosing times, the children have been as busy as ever on their own projects. There has been a particular fascination with Numicon lately, a maths resource that we have been using in our maths sessions on composition! The children enjoy finding different ways of making a number by making towers and matching the shapes. We have also been making more bird feeders, junk model vehicles, wooden castles and cinnamon scented playdough biscuits; phew!