It’s SNOW time!

The start of the week saw us learning from home and having fun in the snow! The children were tasked with giving Mrs Lawrence’s snowman a name, and there were some excellent suggestions, including Mr Carrot Nose, Dude and Snowy! There were also some fantastic snowmen built by the children, and even an igloo! Such brilliant first-hand experiences ignite problem solving skills, careful thinking, creativity and much more. Thank you to everyone who uploaded their snowy snaps on Tapestry; it’s wonderful to have memories of their snowy creations, sledging, snowball fights and snow angels in their learning journals.

The snowy fun continued into Tuesday (and, indeed, beyond!) as the children once again donned their hats, gloves and scarves and ventured out to explore in the Early Years garden. We noticed that the snow was very powdery on Tuesday, perfect for making snow angels! We also noticed that there were some footprints waiting for us to discover in the snow.

In maths this week, we have been thinking about comparing numbers using the language of more and less. The children sang a song all about five cheeky Santas jumping on the bed, and practised taking one away as they fell off! We also have been using the classroom advent calendar to find the numbers one more than the day before. The children are also really getting the hang of the use and understanding of positional language with Elfy appearing all over the room! Can you spot them above the whiteboard?!

Tales toolkit found Father Christmas laying in his garden, practising his “Ho, ho, ho”, when all of a sudden, cakes began to fall from the sky! Before long, he was totally covered in chocolate! Luckily, he remembered that he had his trusty microphone with him and called Mrs Claus, the Elves and even his reindeers for help!

The excitement was palpable on Thursday as the children climbed aboard the coach for the panto! The children loved the journey to the theatre, almost as much as the show itself! We spotted snowmen and different road signs on the way. As for Jack and the Beanstalk, the children had a lot of fun (Oh, no they didn’t! OH YES THEY DID!)

Finally, after a busy Golden Morning, where the children enjoyed lots of different activities with their friends from different classes, the time for our Christmas Concert had finally arrived! The children have been preparing for the show for weeks, and have even worked together to write a programme and signs for their grown ups. Needless to say, the children did a WONDERFUL job and their teachers were all exceptionally proud of them! Thank you all to everyone who was able to join us in the audience!