Jack Frost has been!

Last week finished with a dampish walk to ‘The Top of the World’ – a jewel jar treat that the children really enjoy.

The Christmas Bazaar was a happy time for all. The children enjoyed finding their own tree decorations that they had worked on with a lot of care. Thank you to all the mummies and daddies that worked so hard to make the evening such a success as well as to all the families that attended. The children were absolutely delighted to receive replies from their letters to Father Christmas this evening!

This week started with a magical visit from Jack Frost. We found ice everywhere and some beautiful patterns.

We have looked after Cookie and Snowy, the school guinea pigs, in our classroom all week and have really enjoyed playing with them, feeding them, cuddling them, painting and drawing them, writing about them and even cleaning them out!

In Forest School we made some musical instruments and put up a tarp.

Maths has been all about size – tall and short, long and short . We have sorted ourselves out in height order and even sorted our shoes out .

We really have been very busy.

What a great week of learning it has been.

We hope you all enjoy a rest this weekend!