Jack (the Green) Man and Robin


MEGA DEN! Lime were challenged to build a huge shelter as a whole class. Some began using tarp for the main structure, while others got to work flexing their interior design muscles! Someone made a stump drum kit which was a great touch. (hopefully the neighbours won’t mind).

It wasn’t too long before a huge beetle was found in a log, they put it in a pot to investigate further but when someone found a beetle egg in the log, they decided it was probably best not to split up a baby from its parent!


Willow thoroughly enjoy drama games, so we started with a fan favourite ‘The Advert Game’. They’re given a random product name and have to make an advert to sell their wild and weird forest products. They rebuilt a shelter from the week before and made lots of improvements.

Elsewhere, mud-balls became currency and were being traded and joined together, until they made a fishlike creature with a giant fin!


We spoke about May Day and the fact that Spring has definitely sprung. They were very interested in ‘Jack the Green Man’ and kept searching for signs that he’d brought Spring to the Forest. We had a couple of May Day kings and Queens who made some string crowns too. We started with their favourite game, ‘1,2,3 Where are you’ and they took turns, waiting brilliantly. They also played in the shelter left by Willow.


We also spoke about May Day with Beech but it wasn’t too long before the parade had paused because we’d found a baby Robin! The children were so still that the little ball of fluff even felt brave enough to come into the forest. We were so caught up watching the Robin and its family feeding, that we went back to class late!


Oh boy were Maple excited about the Robin! Their excellent detective work discovered that there were in fact 2 chicks. The birds parents flitted between the pair of them and a large group of Mapleites were slowly creeping around the forest to get a better look. Elsewhere, some mud monsters were made! We also started with the advert game, which revealed some very interesting forest related products.