Jubilee Celebrations and Builders!


Lime were very calm in the Forest! They had a forest Jubilee showcase including all the things they had done over the half term. They built a square ‘dancefloor’ with rope and logs and even swept the inside, so it was clean (well, as clean as a forest dancefloor can be)! A show was put together by a compare and we had dancing and singing! Some excellent cakes were made too!



We were all ready to enter the forest but then someone spotted a very slow and poorly looking bunny. Mrs Askew and Connor tried to help it into a bucket to put somewhere safer but it limped slowly into a bush for some safety. We had a big chat about the circle of life and then they put on a Jubilee show! There were around 10 different performances and everybody was watching with a smile on their face.


We started with perhaps the most successful ‘1, 2, 3 Where are you?’ the forest has ever seen! Then we spoke about the houses being built over the field and decided to be construction workers. An excellent tower was built along with a very long bridge. They also climbed more trees today than ever before and tried their best to share the swing.


Beech were much more excited to be construction workers. It wasn’t long before; pizza express, a campsite and a ‘masher’ (a device that crushes dirt for cement) were made. The Perspex pots were out again and were being filled up with water. But where was this mysterious water coming from on such a sunny day?…The great Early Years and Beech Class treaty of 2022! The littlest ones were passing water from their tap and in return Beech were giving them mud for the kitchen. Very diplomatic!


Maple were tying themselves in knots! Rope swings, rock carrying contraptions, necklaces, pulley systems through trees and some kind of a way to trap any misbehaving toddlers! (two of them were toddlers today!) Another group tidied lots of logs and helped to fill in the old digging zone with them before shovelling in lots of dirt. They were exhausted by the end!